Sergey’s Incredible Road to Recovery and the Pefect Forever Home

Happy Tail Sergey

If you visited the Meow Parlour October of 2015, you probably met Sergey, our senior teddy bear who could well be the sweetest cat Meow Parlour ever fostered. Sergey came to KittyKind as an owner surrender with a severe limp. When KittyKind decided to have him re-examined, it became increasingly clear that his limping was more serious than what we were originally told by his previous owners. It turned out that Sergey‘s leg needed to be amputated in order for him to live a life without pain.


Sergey’s surgery was quickly scheduled, and KittyKind and the Meow Parlour began a campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of his surgery. The outpouring of financial and moral support from the community was nothing short of amazing, and Sergey’s surgery was not only covered in full via his fundraising campaign, it was a complete success. Here he is recovering at the vet’s office, begging for belly rubs and chin scratches just two days after his surgery:

sergey vet

Sergey’s miracles didn’t stop there. One of the community members following Sergey’s story just so happened to be his future adopter. In fact, when Sergey left the vet’s office, he completed his recovery in his new forever home! The cherry on the sundae that is the story of Sergey’s incredible journey is this update from his family:

Sergey has brought nothing but joy to our household. His recovery in our home has been nothing short of extraordinary. Now, he can run as fast as any cat and has no trouble jumping on your lap for a hefty amount of cuddling. His affection knows no bounds. He is even friendly with his new brother and sister, Peaches and Cream, a pair of guinea pigs. Putting it simply, Sergey proves that adoption should always be the first option. While it is impossible for him to say it, you can truly see how happy he is to be with our family in his forever home.”

Sergey post surgery


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