12716111_10206429076228167_6728082777833993010_o.jpgCecil was a cat who came to KittyKind after being rescued, very very skinny, from being on the streets for too long. Beautiful, affectionate, and intelligent, Cecil gained weight and showed his rescuer that he was the perfect cat. Unfortunately he was FIV positive.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a chronic condition that can causes weaknesses in a cat’s immune system. Most FIV positive cats have gotten the virus in utero from an infected mother. It is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, for cats to get FIV from just being around infected cats, by sharing food bowls, or via a person touching a FIV-positive cat and then touching a FIV-negative cat. But it can be transmitted via blood, so a negative cat could contract FIV from being in a very bad fight with an FIV-positive cat. The wound would have to be very deep.

FIV cats generally show no signs of illness and require no additional vet care. But the stigma of the diagnosis can be an obstacle to getting a good home for an FIV+ cat.

Luckily, Cecil’s future adopters were not deterred by his status, and after meeting and interacting with him, decided to seal the deal and take this spectacular cat home. Cecil has a great home, and his adopters have a great cat!


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