When we lost our rescue cat Butler last fall, his brother Darcy was understandably upset. When his sadness turned to depression and lethargy, we decided to explore getting a new companion for him. Because Darcy is an older cat – and also quite big – e set certain criteria. We decided that we needed to find an older, even-tempered, mellow cat, preferably orange to contrast with Darcy’s solid black Bombay presence.

After several failed attempts, we saw a couple of possibilities on the KittyKind website and paid a visit to Petco’s 17th Street store where KittyKind runs their adoption center. We discussed our wish list with Miriam Hibel (Foster Care Coordinator & Adoption Counselor) and then we noticed Patrick. Patrick is about 5 years old, with tornado-like energy, and is definitely not orange. He had been neglected and abandoned and was rescued by a KittyKind volunteer. We threw out the wish list; it was love at first sight.

We brought Patrick home for a trial foster and expected the worst. We had received lots of advice about how to introduce a new animal, including separating old from new for an initial period. Living in a small NYC apartment, however, we knew this would not be possible and we would just have to hope for the best!

What happened when we let Patrick loose from his carrier could not possibly have been predicted: After Patrick made a quick tour around the apartment – with Darcy looking on with curiosity – the two made contact, kissed and instantly bonded! Darcy immediately emerged from his funk as the two started playing and cleaning each other and they have not stopped since. Just what sort of magic was at play here? We formally adopted Patrick the next day.

We applaud the rescuers and volunteers of KittyKind. It is backbreaking and sometimes heartbreaking work. Their primary concern is to make sure the rescued animals wind up in a proper and loving home. We sincerely thank them for giving us a happy ending to our search. Patrick is perfect!


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