The origin story: Mo was taken in by KittyKind with a group of other cats, and had a very tough time adjusting; he didn’t eat for several days and was very angry, and hissing at everyone. We were told it would probably be a challenging adjustment period, which would require extra work on our part, and he was unlikely to settle down quickly.

The day we met Mo, formerly known as Elmo, was the day we were taking him home as a foster. Mo was growling and upset when staff tried transferring him to the carrier; there was almost an escape and some (human) blood was shed. It wasn’t an easy start; Mo was anxious, skinny, losing fur, and generally pretty unhappy.

It took several months to earn Mo’s trust and for him to feel safe in his new home but eventually he started to become more relaxed and we formally adopted him. Mo bonded with me pretty early on, but it took some time for him to feel comfortable with my husband. I am happy to report that they are now best buds, and finally someone else is willing to keep my husband company while he plays video games!

Even though it took over a year, Mo is now the best lap cat ever and will jump onto the couch any time you sit so that he can be close by. When he’s not on your lap he likes to have a paw on you so you don’t forget he’s there (not that you could at the volume he purrs!)

He still enjoys his alone time, too – in the window watching birds mostly – but he’s proof that “less adoptable” cats can truly blossom when you give them the time and patience they need.

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