I adopted my cat at the Union Square Petco in June 2000. She was about six months old and was, I believe, born in the backyard of one of the KittyKind volunteers, a lady named Elfie, who helped me through the adoption process. I carried my then-nameless kitty about 10 blocks home in a carrier that the volunteers let me borrow. I laugh when I think about how awkward we must have looked! It took her some time to get comfortable at home but once she did she was a sweetie. I had a hard time thinking of a name for her, but the volunteers assured me, “she’ll let you know what her name is.” Sure enough, one day we were playing and snuggling and I realized Elfie was a really cute name for a sweet cat. And here we are! We live in Connecticut now and Elfie the cat and I have since welcomed to our family a husband and a baby. The baby knows “his kitty” and gets excited when he sees her! I love that the KittyKind volunteers were there at Petco when I was looking for a feline friend in the city.

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