When we first met Carrie cowering in the back of her cage, she looked miserable and scared, and our hearts were drawn to the challenge even though we had come in looking for a more extroverted cat. We fell for her immediately. After almost four months of patient trust-building, and countless hours spent lying with her under the couch, from which she would rarely emerge, she has begun to blossom into the sweet, intelligent, playful, and affectionate feline we knew was underneath the fearful girl who first came into our home. Carrie continues to blossom day by day (and night by night — she’s quite the nocturnal creature!). We were delighted to formalize the adoption last month and very much feel like she’s become a member of our family, and like it’s finally dawned on her that she has a home where she is safe and loved. Thanks KittyKind for introducing us, and we hope this inspires other adopters to take a chance on the less obviously well socialized cats. With a little patience, the reward can indeed be proportional to the effort.

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