2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post 5

Fight or Flight?


Guest Blogger LYLE: Cats on a shelf insetSometimes when I was waiting at Meow Parlour for someone to take me home, I felt like I had been left on the shelf. No one wanted a shy cat like me, despite my Russian Blue beauty and meltingly soft fur. When they came to pet me, okay, I might have panicked a little. On the other hand, shelves are not so bad, especially when there’s a way in from the back. From here, I can keep a watch for any dangerous humans who happen by. I can see them, and I just know that they can’t see me.


Guest Blogger MAX: Labels can hurt. Just because I don’t put a lampshade on my head at parties doesn’t mean I’m “shy.” I can even hide in plain sight. Can you find me in this photo? Ha ha, of course not! I blend in with the black-and-white décor.black n white teacup cropped

To protect my privacy, I do this other thing that’s really neat.

Back at Meow Parlour, I had this great technique for getting into a basket even if other cats were already snoozing in it. I gave them The Look. It’s my patented stare. Very mighty and meaningful. Better than Zoolander!


Those basket-hogging cats would scurry away, ha ha. I didn’t have to lift a paw. Now, when the Can Opener’s friends come over, I give them The Stare. I got one of them so nervous she was afraid to leave her chair. The Can Opener came in and was all, like, “Judy, I thought you were taking a nap on the couch!” And Judy was all, like, “The cat was staring at me!”

I crack myself up.


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