2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post #3

Trust Issues

Guest Blogger MAX: They call me shy. If by “shy” they mean “awesome,” then that’s me.

One thing about being shy, though, is that I try not to get too involved with humans. Studies show you can’t trust them, I’m sure of it. I only let the can-opener pet me sometimes because humans are so foolish that way. It’s amusing how much pleasure they seem to get out of it.

I can be big about this. I can pretend to enjoy it too, all while keeping complete control. She’s actually playing right into my paws, because if I pretend to like the petting, maybe I’ll get adopted instead of just fostered.

Guest Blogger LYLE: I don’t know why Max lets her pet him like that. Me, I am SO uninterested in getting close to a human. Why oh why does Max do it? I’m disgusted, but also curious. So curious. Maybe if I move very slowly and check it out, no one will notice.

3 Responses to “2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post #3”

  1. susansilverman Says:

    HA!!! I love this.

  2. sanecatguy Says:

    Do it Lyle!

  3. TheFatMew (@TheFatMew) Says:

    Be careful, Max and Lyle! Sometimes cats start to really like getting petted 🙂

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