2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post #2

Guest blogger MAX: Alpha trouble

There is a big problem. Nobody is respecting my alpha-ness around here.IMG_4614

Lyle was in the top bunk of the cat tree, HIGHER than me. Then the can-opener picked me up again and moved me a few inches, just to show that she could. She forced me to lick food off her hand, like it was a treat. I might have drooled a little, and that’s just embarrassing.

I am ashamed to report that I made a terrible mistake today. I jumped up and walked on top of the can-opener while she was reading on the couch. I think she liked that, but it’s very important that SHE do what pleases ME, and not vice versa.

Just sayin’.


Guest blogger LYLE: “I want to kill it”

There is a striped fuzzy thing sticking out of a jar. I think it’s alive. Should I kill it? I would like to kill it. Please advise.IMG_4619

Also, I have a complaint: the can-opener managed to pet me again. It was so horrible, I only let her do it once or twice more.

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