Congratulations to November’s Volunteer of the Month, Brittany Maher!


I have always been an adamant animal lover and advocate. I have made it my mission in life to save and help animals in any way I can. Growing up in Connecticut my family always had dogs. After moving to the city I missed the companionship of a pet so decided to save a cat from a rescuer in Queens. I grew to love my little Wednesday and decided to get her a companion. I saved my second cat, Pugsley, from life on the snowy streets. I’ve been volunteering with kitty kind for over a year now which began when I became a foster failure adopting my first foster cat, Crunch. I don’t see it as a failure, however, because he has brought joy to my life and my two other cats. Shortly after, I started to volunteer as a cleaner to put my passion of saving animals into motion. I started to focus on the harder cases that didn’t always show their best qualities to potential adopters. I continued to foster cats who needed some extra attention and love to correct some of their not ideal personality traits with help from my patient roommate. I continued to expand my roles at KittyKind by helping to be an assistant adoption rep and work on the intake team to further my reach in helping the cats. I’m honored to be recognized for the things I have accomplished and I’m grateful for the existence of Kitty Kind and its mission to find loving homes for all of our cats.



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