Congratulations to our July Volunteer of the Month, Nancy Alusick

Nancy Alusick

I’ve been volunteering for KittyKind for so long, I can’t remember when I started or even if it was in this century! Like most KittyKind volunteers, I started as a cleaner and feeder to the cats at the adoption center in Petco, Union Square. Then I washed the cats’ dishes for about 5 years. Now I help coordinate KittyKind events. I also work with the current KittyKind President, Marianne, on KittyKind’s Spay/Neuter Day. I fill out the medical forms for our cats that need surgery, pack them up in to their transport carriers, and help get them transported to the spay/neuter clinics. I also work with our adopters to help get unaltered cats to the spay/neuter clinics that are farther away, like the edge of Queens.

I don’t know why, but I have always been drawn to cats, feeding them in the alleys of New York City since I was a kid. I love volunteering for KittyKind because I get to meet amazing, cool and classy people from all walks of life…all united in scooping the litter boxes of our city’s homeless cats while they await their forever homes!

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