The Perfect Match for Harrison


My boyfriend and I were in the market for a beta fish at the PetCo in Union Square, but after looking at the rows of adoptable cats from the Kitty Kind Rescue, we decided that it was time to make a bigger commitment than a farmed fish and adopt a rescue cat. That night we perused the Kitty Kind website and per the e-mail requirement, submitted the qualities we were looking for in a cat and the names of adoptable cats we thought might best fit our home. The website was incredibly detailed and up-to-date, which was a refreshing change from scrolling through Petfinder. As first-time adopters and cat-owners, we were unsure how an organization that rescues cats from a variety of unfortunate situations would treat us. Neither of us thought we’d get a response in 24 hours, much less detailed information on all the cats whose names we submitted, but Kitty Kind representative Miriam was immediately in touch with helpful information and a huge welcome.

Through the next two weeks, which is not a very long time at all when adopting your first cat, we worked very closely with Miriam in meeting cats who would do the best in our home. Any other rescue organization who has a long list of cats who need homes immediately may not have been as patient in making sure we found the best cat for us, but Kitty Kind really knows their cats and works very hard to make sure they end up in the most compatable home.

When we saw that there were Kitty Kind cats available to visit at the Meow Parlour in addition to cats at PetCo and in foster homes, we made an appointment to visit a particular cat who seemed like the perfect match. The Meow Parlour was very kind in waiving their standard visitation fee (as we were potential fosters or adopters) and gave us unlimited time to meet their cats. While Luke was not the cat for us, the big orange tabby snoozing away in the cubby underneath his seemed like someone we had to meet. What followed is the ultimate victory in pet adoption: we didn’t choose our animal companion as much as we were chosen. After checking us out from across the room, the big orange tabby with freckles on his nose came over to us and let us say hello, only to climb into each of our laps and fall asleep. We were smitten, and started the foster process the next day.

Since our buddy has been in our home, we’ve had two medical emergencies and a lot of learning experiences. Through it all, his previous foster dad and ultimate Kitty Kind cat mama Miriam, have made themselves available via phone or e-mail to guide us through. We felt, and continue to feel, supported by an organization who cares enough about their cats to stay in contact with the homes the cats go into, and having adopted a pet in the past, I know that this is a rare occurrence. We could not be happier with our pet, our experience with Kitty Kind and the Meow Parlor, and all the people who volunteer their time to make sure these cats are happy and healthy.

IMG_0402 IMG_0451[1]

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