past stories: a happy story before hurricane sandy….

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A couple years ago, right before Hurricane Sandy, I took an application for a young kitten named Abe…he, his 2 siblings, and their mom, had been dumped with us one morning…I remember it very clearly, as I was at KK on my cleaning shift, and I turned around to find a carrier w/3 kittens still nursing!!  The mom and kittens were fostered together until they were ready to be separated.  At first the fosterers named the kittens Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato…those names were changed when they came in to KK…Bacon became Abe.  Anyway, after taking the application, I was unable to followup because of the Sandy, since I was stuck down in the Lower East Side, with no power and no way to contact anyone!!  Fortunately, the adopters were determined, and contacted KK to find out what was going on with their application.  They spoke to Miriam, who was able to get the adoption back on track!!  The cat, Bacon/Abe, is now known as Liam.  He’s in a wonderful home and completely adored by his owners and feline sisters.  The adopter still regularly sends Miriam and I pictures.  Last night he stopped in to say hi and give us an update, and I asked if we could post pictures of Liam, which he was thrilled for us to do.  Here are some recent pictures of Liam…


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