Congratulations to TODD RUTT, KittyKind’s Volunteer of the Month for June


I grew up with dogs and never had a cat as a child. I adopted my first cat Tammy (a boy) as a foster failure about eight years ago. My second cat Higgi, who I adopted when he was 15-years-old, followed shortly. After they both passed away I decided I wanted to do more to help cats so I started volunteering with KittyKind as a cleaner. This grew into several different roles, most of them utilizing my experience in media. I also started fostering for KittyKind and have fostered dozens of cats and kittens. I adopted the six-year-old sisters Leela and Lope after they were returned to KittyKind from their previous owners and I adopted Tabby Jack after fostering him for more than a year. I also have a fourth cat Nala, a feral who I took in for socializing, as well as various fosters at any given time.

Currently I volunteer as Media Coordinator for KittyKind and as a floating cleaner. My emphasis has changed in the last year to do rescue/TNR and I am involved with several groups in addition to KittyKind. I have trapped cats and kittens in various locations throughout the city but mostly up in Harlem where I live. It’s very rewarding to take a pregnant cat off the streets or to rescue and find a home for friendly strays.

~ Todd Rutt ~


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