Axl’s Happy Ending, From His Rescuer’s Perspective

“About two years ago on a very cold February morning, a neighbor called me to say there was a huge cat in the back area of our building. I went out and found Axl standing there, looking very scared and cold. He was behind a restaurant that had just closed down, and they just left him there with the doors open after they moved out. Axl had lived in the basement of the restaurant for years. He was 27 pounds (he is “only” 17 pounds now) and was being fed leftover human food which made him really big. When I brought Axl to live with me he was so big that his belly touched the ground, but his tests and bloodwork were all perfect. He was so happy and affectionate that I totally fell in love with him, as did my girlfriend. But when I started to introduce my own cats to Axl, he became withdrawn. We hoped Axl’s inexplicable fear of other cats would get better with time, but it didn’t. With one exception: for a 6-month period when I rescued two litters (11 cats in all) of shy teen kittens. Axl became best friend, dad, and protector to these kittens (you can see how sweet they were together in some of the attached photos). The kittens would try to nurse on Axl and felt safe when near him. But over the months the kittens got adopted and by 8 months ago we were back to just Axl and my other cats. Axl was even more unhappy than before. At that point we realized he just couldn’t be comfortable with adult cats and he needed a new home. So we brought him to KittyKind. And through KittyKind he found the best home possible. To my utter amazement, he also found a way to comfortably co-exist with DOGS at his new home: he actually lays side-by-side with them, and from day one he didn’t even try to hide from them.The adopters are such nice people – true animal lovers. Axl has hit the kitty lottery. Thank you KittyKind.” ~ RafaelAxl Axl and KittensAxl hugAxl and dog   Axl human


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