Julian: “…a fantastic bedtime cuddler and loves to curl up with us when we watch movies.”


A year ago my partner, Gordon, and I rescued a friendly cat from the streets.  We spoiled him to death and even gave him an amazingly strange name, Thermilvden.  But, our crazy play sessions just weren’t satisfying enough.  I’m sure his playtime with humans was like us trying to hold an intellectual conversation with a toddler.  Thermilvden wanted our attention 24/7 and accidentally took his play aggression out on us.  He accidentally scratched us rather often.  So, when he really wanted to befriend my parents’ cat over the holidays, we were sure he needed a feline friend of his own.

We had just read about the opening of the Meow Parlour on The Gothamist and saw this as a perfect opportunity to meet cats that liked other cats.  We met a few rascals at the Parlour and some of KittyKind’s other adoptees at the Union Square Petco location, but all the talk about Julian’s antics (he was a rather renowned character) sounded compatible with Thermilvden.  KittyKind’s trial policy gave us the peace of mind that we wouldn’t stuck with a cat if they hated each other.

We were fully prepared to introduce them slowly with separate rooms, but after holding the door open a crack we could tell they wanted to get to know each other right away.  Julian and Thermilvden immediately began playing and ran up and down our 40 foot long hallway for several hours on end.  It couldn’t be called anything but an instant bromance.

They nap together, clean each other, wrestle and pounce on each other.  Thermilvden no longer swats our ankles for attention and all of his less than desirable quirks evened out immediately.  Julian is a fantastic bedtime cuddler and loves to curl up with us when we watch movies.

Our happy little family feels complete now.  Julian had brought peace, joy, and balance to our home.  We even get to brag that he was written about in the NY Times article on the Meow Parlour!  We didn’t know it at the time but that article came out the day before we chose to take Julian home.

I strongly urge anyone with just one cat to try getting a second cat.  KittyKind made the adoption process smooth and thorough.  You can tell they care about every single cat as if they were their own.  Meow Parlour was a fantastic way to meet cats outside the cage.  The cafe is a great solution for everyone’s needs.  The cats are happier while they wait to be adopted and have the opportunity to become more acquainted with new situations.  The public gets a chance to interact with the sweetest cats.  Kitty Kind has another outlet for placing cats.

We wish we could have taken more kitties home!

Erika & Gordon

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