“Callie has been such a great addition to our lives…”

We wanted a furry friend for our apartment (Barbara has been waiting for years to finally get a cat of her own!) but we weren’t sure if we would ever find a cat that could withstand an endless onslaught of cuddles and hugs. After meeting many cats, it was starting to seem impossible. Then we went to visit KittyKind and met Callie Girl. She loved being petted and picked up all the time (so much so that she drooled), so we knew we finally found the right cat. We put in an application, and while it was processing, Barbara went to visit Callie at Petco every day for the rest of the week. Callie was in a great mood every day, and we only became more excited about bringing her home.
We had heard that cats get anxious in new places but not Callie – within minutes of arriving, she demanded to be allowed to check out her new home, hopping on every chair and rubbing up on every corner. She became fast friends with the red couch, and mortal enemies with the red vacuum. Since arriving, she enjoys sampling new flavors of food every few weeks, taking naps in uncharted territory, and posing for pictures for her insatiable paparazzi humans. She avidly continues to pursue the world record of purring for the longest amount of time while being petted.
Callie has been such a great addition to our lives. Our friends love her excellent manners around strangers too! We are very grateful to the rescuers, fosters, and volunteers that made it possible for Callie to end up in our home.
Barbara and Kevin
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