Karl & Nicole: “We’re so lucky to have found a beautiful pair of healthy, happy companions for life…”


We knew we wanted a pair of young cats who could be playmates and when we walked into Kittykind we fell in love first with Karl who was just the biggest love bug! You could see in the cage that all he wanted was affection and so we knew we wanted him. Then we saw Nicole in her cage – she’d only been brought in that day, and she was just the cutest little thing. Then we found out she had a leg missing and that made us want her even more!!  We felt so sorry for her!  I’ve attached a couple of recent pictures of the little rascals!  They really are the best of friends and have such wonderful personalities. Nicole is so adventurous and playful, AND fearless – perhaps the attitude that got her into trouble with that leg. Karl is really affectionate and chilled out, and retains his timid streak with anything unfamiliar (hiding under the couch when the vacuum cleaner comes out or someone knocks on the front door). He’s slowly getting more confident though. We absolutely adore them both.

We can’t over-emphasize how amazing Kittykind were through the whole adoption process – they really understood the cats’ needs, they were available by phone and email any time for any questions, and we couldn’t have dealt with the complications of Nicole’s missing leg without their financial and emotional support. We’re so lucky to have found a beautiful pair of healthy, happy companions for life – thank you Kittykind!”
All best,

lkk 75


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