The King and I

King Tut has had my heart from the moment I brought him home. Affectionate, inquisitive, and with stately manners – he is the perfect addition to the family. He simply devours attention and is ready to snuggle or chase his toys anytime.  It’s only been four months, but we have already been through a lot together including a transition to a wet diet, many visitors (everyone falls in love with him immediately!), and learning to stay off the dining room table.  He even stayed by my side while I was bed-ridden with the flu for three days.  While I am away at work, he curls up with my favorite sweatshirt and then greets me at the door when I get home. Without fail he wakes me up each morning before my alarm with a headbutt to the face or a very cautious paw to my cheek. I’m not a morning person at all, but who can be mad when staring into those big, green eyes?!
King Tut was 11yrs old at the time of adoption and a lot of people expressed surprise that I would favor a mature cat, but I find his cheeky personality to be the perfect blend of mischievous, confident, and silly. I am so happy that he is happy in his forever home.
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