Hootie “has a playful, rambunctious, and mischievous nature”

When my husband and I went looking for a new companion for our 4 year old female cat, our hearts were heavy with the recent loss of our 14 year old male cat to a sudden illness. We knew we wanted our female cat to have another lively companion, but we were both unsure how much room we had in our hearts for a new member of the family. Luckily, we found Roebling (Hootie), and fell in love with his playful, sweet nature immediately. “Roebles” is everything you could want in a teenaged cat- he has a playful, rambunctious, and mischievous nature, which alternates with a surprising sweet and cuddly side. This cat tears around our house causing trouble, making us laugh and smile, and then recovers his energy by sleeping an hour or so in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. His favorite toy is a “My Little Pony” doll- Roebling tosses “Pinkie Pie” around the house constantly. He is definitely a Brony cat. 🙂 After an initially rocky beginning, the two cats are very happy and playful together, and love sleeping near each other. We will always miss our first cat, but the love Roebling gives us has helped us heal from our loss, and taught us that there is always room for more love in your life. We are so very grateful to everyone at KittyKind who helped us become a family.  🙂

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