Yoku “the cathlete” is “sweet and likes to cuddle…”

He is doing very well & seems to like living with me.  As suspected w/ his kooky personality he has gotten into some minor trouble like knocking down the Christmas tree, learning how to open cabinets to steal bag of treats & even chewed on/damaged a phone charger.  Due to these incidents I have just made some changes in my place to better accommodate him like buying actual childproof locks for anything he could open & get into trouble.  Set playtime is mandatory in my house so we play every morning & night.  Yoku is the most incredible jumper I have ever seen in a cat!  He loves to show off for guests so I have friends that just can’t get enough of Yoku playtime.  We started referring to Yoku as a “cathlete” because of his skills.  When he settles he is very sweet & likes to cuddle up right next to me or anyone visiting.

Overall despite keeping me on my toes Yoku has been a great addition to my place!  He is very well loved not only from me but my family & friends who just fell head over heels for him.  I hope he is as happy as he makes everyone else 😉




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