Boots: “He is really special and so loving and smart!”


Things are going swell here!  The boys are getting more and more comfortable with each other and I do believe that they will all be friends down the road. I attached a few pics of Bootsy that I took today for you. I was going to try to get a pic of all the boys together but it was treat time and they have a one-track mind!  The first one shows Bootsy doing this cute thing where he holds his paw to me (always for food but also for attention sometimes). He is a total lap kitty and sometimes will put his paw on my hand if we are relaxing on the couch! He loves to sleep by(on) my head and he has the loudest purr. He is really special and so loving and smart!

I decided that it didn’t seem right to rename him. I tend to call him “Bootsy” but “Boots” has been his name for 8 years so I think that should stay his name.

Thanks for checking in with us. I will be forever grateful for all of your advice and attention during the rough patch in the beginning.

Take care,
Kimberly, Bootsy, Nehi and Sunkist


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