Volunteer of the Month: September 2013


Congratulations to Ashley T, our September Volunteer of the Month! Ashley has been volunteering since May 2012, first as a foster parent, then as an event/social media coordinator. Right now, she’s fostering my 20th KittyKind cat—four 7-week-old kittens!! Ashley came to KittyKind as a prospective adopter. She says, “I originally planned to adopt an older cat, but when I explained my circumstances to the adoption team, they suggested that I try fostering. My first foster cat was King Oreo (who I actually ended up fostering twice). At some point, fostering became a regular thing, and I’ve gradually taken on more and more responsibility at KittyKind. I just launched an Instagram account (kittykindcats) and I’m hoping to become an assistant adoption counselor soon!”

Ashley says her favorite part of volunteering is being a foster parent. “Every time I take in a foster cat, I feel like I make a new best friend! I guess my favorite part would have to be seeing the very different personalities of each of the cats I foster. I don’t think most people realize how individualistic cats are if they only have one or two. I’ve had shy cats, cuddly cats, absolutely crazy cats, cats that can speak! I enjoy getting to know them so much. It’s not terrible seeing them get adopted either! :)” Ashley has one cat of her own, her “foster fail,” Misty, featured in the photo above. “I adopted her in June after I graduated college. There was no way I could give her back a second time (I fostered her twice). Misty was very stressed out in the cage so no one got to see her colorful, feisty, personality except me (she’s a typical calico princess). She’s just so expressive, smart, and well-mannered. There’s no other cat like her, period. Misty runs our house now… She absolutely knows how special she is.” Ashley also has special words of advice for those considering adoption. “Consider adopting an older cat. A lot of people come in to the adoption center wanting to adopt kittens (which is great!) but there are also plenty of older cats waiting to find their forever homes who are just as adorable! Also, if you meet a cat who you are thinking of adopting, but who seems unfriendly or antisocial, PLEASE give him/her a chance! If you show love to an animal they will
return that love tenfold! My cat Misty is a perfect example of a cat whose confinement in a cage was the determining factor for why it was so difficult to adopt her.” Thank you, Ashley, for all you do for KittyKind—we and the cats sure do appreciate it!


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