Puppy (aka Cherry): “She earned her new name because she is very smart…”

Cherry, who I now call Puppy, earned her new name because she is very smart and comes when I call her, sits when I ask and sometimes even does a “high five”.
She loooooves her older ” ginger boyfriend”, Maui, my 9 year old tabby. They share everything including taking turns sleeping on my head at night! But she is very confused and instead of sleeping likes to “groom” me so I always wake up with slobbery hair in the morning. LOL, But as long as they love me, that’s all I care about.
She is also a celebrity and has been on CBS’s Supercat Saturday 3 times now because Amy Freeze loves the pictures that I tweet of Puppy. She is SO photogenic!!! I am also working on socializing her a bit because I have a friend who is a designer and wanted to see if she could “model”. Puppy is a giant ham so I think she might like it!
Lastly, her absolute favorite thing to do is a running leap into a chair I have on rollers so that it spins around when she jumps into it,  and she sticks her head out of the armrest as it spins! It makes me laugh every time!!!
Thanks again to you and Kitty Kind, best decision I’ve made this year!
Donna, Maui and Puppy

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