Olive (aka Tuxi): “quite a sassy and independent little girl.”

When I first saw Tuxi (renamed Olive), I was immediately attracted to her compact size and sweet face. She had just been delivered to KittyKind for adoption and was eager to make contact, purring and meowing through the cage. I couldn’t resist her cuteness so I took her home. She’s been with me 5 months now and has proven to be quite a sassy and independent little girl. Some of her favorite things are watching the toilet flush, massaging her mom’s tummy and lounging in the window sill. She’s also a formidable  hunter, stalking silverfish and catching flies. Flirting with male humans is another of her favorite pastimes when opportunity allows. I’m still watching her blossom and still getting to know her multifaceted personality. She’s an adorable, lovable companion.
Thank you so much, KittyKind, for all your help.


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