Volunteer of the Month: July 2013


Congratulations to Pam D, our July Volunteer of the Month! Pam has been with KittyKind for two and a half years, but she will be leaving us soon to start the next chapter of her life in sunny Florida. Pam loves travel, animals, cooking, fashion, dancing and drawing. She started volunteering with KittyKind when she was between jobs. She says, “I wanted to do something with my time….I started volunteering Tuesday mornings. Once I landed a job, I was able to switch to Mondays evenings. I love coming here to volunteer after work
because it just makes my day better.” Pam loves playing with the kitties and seeing the cats get adopted and go to loving homes. She says, “I also like meeting the other volunteers (or fellow cat fans). I especially love being part of a team with the goal of taking care cats.” Pam is very enthusiastic about the cat she gets to live with too! “I have a wonderful one-year-old brown tabby/bengal cat named Menina. She followed my sister home one day, and she knew Menina and I were a perfect match. She was malnourished and scared. After we brought her back to health, she made herself at home. At the request of my mom, I originally was supposed to find a new home for her and that never happened!! =) Menina is a riot. She loves her scratching condo and treats, is very curious (likes to knock things off of surfaces!! Grrrr!!), likes to watch TV, loves giving her mommy massages (kneading), and likes to play fight with our teacup yorkie. I’ve helped friends adopt and foster through Kitty Kind and I am so glad I am now a cat owner.” Menina will be accompanying Pam to Florida, of course. Thank you, Pam, for all the work you do for KittyKind! We, and the cats, thank you!


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