Olive (aka Stephanie) & Elwood (aka Pumpkin): ” They all sleep, eat and play with each other like they’ve been together forever. “

After my sweet older cat, Oscar, died from kidney disease in April of 2013, my second cat, Toby, became depressed and lethargic.  I knew it was time to welcome a new kitty into our home, and I set out looking for my personal favorite, a male orange cat.  I ended up near the KittyKind shelter at the PetCo in Union Square one afternoon, and I went in to see if I could find an orange boy.  As I looked in the cages, I was whacked on the arm by a little tuxedo paw. I acknowledged the offender, then went back to looking for the orange boy of my dreams.  Every time I walked past the tuxedo’s cage, however, it demanded my attention.  It smacked and poked and licked and flirted and mugged, and I finally surrendered.  I arranged to bring the cat, a girl named Stephanie (previously thought to be a boy named Steve), home with me the next night. I never intended to have three cats, but I still really, really wanted my orange boy.  When I returned to pick up Stephanie, I asked KittyKind if they knew of one.  I was told that a KittyKind volunteer had found the best orange kitten ever, Pumpkin, and was fostering him at her home.  I said I would take him, sight unseen, and a few weeks later I added some Pumpkin to the mix.
It couldn’t have gone better.  All three cats have become the best of friends. Stephanie (now Olive) and Pumpkin (now Elwood) tear around the apartment like lunatics while Toby acts as the patient and loving patriarch.  They all sleep, eat and play with each other like they’ve been together forever.  KittyKind provided great instructions on introducing the cats, and were very helpful when I had questions or concerns after their adoption.  I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks to PetCo, KittyKind and all of the volunteers and staff for giving me an awesome cat family!
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