Dennis and 6-Pack (aka TigerBear, aka Truffle, and Blackberry): “I just adore them, and we are all so, so happy that our home is full of life again! “

Dennis and 6-Pack (aka TigerBear, aka Truffle, and Blackberry)
Sometimes life really is like the movies…at least those romantic comedies where the girl searches high and low for “Mr. Perfect,” somehow not realizing that he’s right under her nose — her old friend, the guy who’s not flashy but just right for her.
When my beloved cats Beanie and Nala died within a year of each other, I was left with my two feral cats, Moose and Phoebe, age 15. I had fostered them as kittens, but could never socialize them…yet I just couldn’t seem to let them go. Now the problem was how to bring in new cats who wouldn’t upset them.
All the experts recommended I adopt two small kittens, preferably male littermates. For weeks I visited KittyKind and Winter’s Tail at Petco, and searched for kittens (hard to find in midwinter!) at PetSmart and three city shelters. They all seemed either too old, too jumpy, too young, too shy, or too SOMEthing for Mr. Moose…and the more I searched, the more confused and sad I got.
But every time I went to Petco, I sat with Dennis and 6-Pack, a sleek black ‘panther’ and his gigantic (20-lb.) tiger brother. They were incredibly friendly but way too old — 19 months — and though I loved holding them, I had sworn to hold out for kittens. Meanwhile, my apartment seemed emptier by the hour — much as I love Moo and Phoebe, they’re not pettable cats.
Finally Dawn and Miriam of KittyKind helped me see the light. “I just don’t know why you won’t consider slightly older cats…you visit Dennis and 6-Pack almost every day, you know how great they are, and after all, finding ‘just the right cats’ is always a crapshoot.”
Faced with way too many possibilities (and the flood of kittens soon to be born in the spring), I realized Miriam was right — my Prince Charmings were right under my nose.
They came home with me on a rainy February 24…and thank heaven, everything went even better than I’d prayed. In just a few days ‘da boyzz’ were playing alongside Moose and Phoebe, and soon *with* M and P — who have miraculously become far more social, now that *they* are the alpha cats! Not a day goes by that TigerBear (aka Truffle, formerly 6-Pack) and BlackBerry (Dennis) don’t find a new way to delight us…they are affectionate, cuddly, and incredibly playful, yet ever so civilized and gentle with all of us. I woke up this morning to BlackBerry snuggling with me…another dream come true. I just adore them, and we are all so, so happy that our home is full of life again! Thank you forever, KittyKind.
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