Stanley: “He’s rapidly blended in to our cat family.”

We had just lost our twin cats (one to kidney failure and the other to diabetes complications).  We moved our two remaining ones to our big new apartment.  But something was missing.  When Julie’s jewelry making teacher put us in touch with Stanley, we knew we had found a cat to fill the void.
Stanley is very peculiar looking, typical of mixed breed cats.  His body is shaped somewhat like an Abyssinian, long and lean with big ears and feet. He has a long thin tail, and extra-long white whiskers.  Yet he has the fur and markings of a grey tabby.
Although shy and hiding at first, Stanley has become quite sociable, and comes for petting when you call him (when he feels like it, of course).  He is slowly getting adjusted to the cat territories and hierarchies in the apartment.  Of course, he spends most of his awake time exploring.  He particularly likes watching for birds out the window.   He’s helped us discover hiding the spaces in the apartment we didn’t even know we had.
When he is content, Stanley curls up into a ball, with his long tail up by his mouth.  But when he’s in his active mood he races down the long hall as fast as he can.  Sometimes he runs so fast he skids to a stop—his rear end sliding sideways as he tries in vain to grip the smooth wooden floor.  When we hear the gallop we know he’s up and active.   I think he’s just celebrating his freedom from confinement.  He’s rapidly blended in to our cat family.
Robert & Julie



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