Liam, formerly “Abe,” formerly “Bacon”: “He’s a wonderful, unique little guy.”

Liam on Door Rack

Liam, formerly “Abe,” formerly “Bacon” — he had arrived at KittyKind a few weeks earlier with his sisters, “Lettuce” and “Tomato”—came to us just after Hurricane Sandy. Despite suggestions that we name him either “Sandy” or “Stormy,” we wanted something human and Celtic, and decided on “Liam” (indirectly named after Liam Neeson and Liam Clancy). From the time he arrived he amused us with his antics, impressed us with his energy and acrobatics, and enchanted us with his warmth, beauty, and affection.

Because of the love, noise, handling, and exposure to other humans and cats he experienced at KittyKind, Liam is a remarkably calm and social cat; the first day we took him home he fell asleep in our laps. He and his new sister, Patti, became friends very quickly, but Emma, his other sister, is a high-strung cat, so their relationship is still developing. When people he’s never met before come to the apartment, his behavior doesn’t change: he doesn’t run or hide, but simply treats them as if he’s always known them.

When Liam wants affection while we’re asleep he jumps on the bed, lies down next to one of us, and gently but firmly presses his warm paw pad to our lips  it’s actually a very nice, but odd, sensation that wakes us up enough pet him, without jarring us too much from our sleep (it’s hard to get angry at a cat who wakes you because he wants to be loved, and who does so with such gentleness).

He’s a wonderful, unique little guy.

His favorite toys, by far, are his grey and black toy mice, which he rips apart with a joy and savagery we’ve never seen before in a cat; we bought a box of sixty mice figuring they’d last many years, but a small drawer full of toy-mouse carcasses has made us question that logic. He also loves tape measures, cat dancers, and pineapple leaves, and makes us laugh with his craziness.

Despite his primarily-carnivorous diet, he loves green, leafy vegetables, especially kale, spinach, and romaine lettuce. He rarely bothers us for meat if it’s on our plates—though we do sometimes give him a bit of chicken—but if he sees greens he grabs for them.

Though not yet full grown, he’s an unusually dense, powerful, muscular cat – he’s also fast and agile, which makes for some very exciting play to watch. Fortunately, he is also very affectionate and gentle with us, and often purrs as soon as we touch him.

We can’t thank KittyKind enough for such a wonderful, loving cat; you all do an incredible job caring and finding homes for the cats and kittens people are always bringing to your door. There is more love and happiness in many people’s lives—and, of course, many saved cats—because of the work you do.


Matthew & Marcy

Liam on Shelf Liam on Livingroom Sill Liam andEmma Liam in Box Liam on Sill

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