Volunteer of the Month: March 2013


Congratulations to Anya R, our March Volunteer of the Month! Anya has been with KittyKind for about a year, first as a floater, then a foster mom. Now she manages KittyKind’s Yelp account. Anya says, “My last foster, Lola, whom I began fostering in August, is now a part of our family. She was only supposed to stay with us for a week, but she had a seizure on her first night with us and so we said we would keep her to nurse her back to health and then couldn’t let her go!” Anya has two other cats who live with her, and it was her experience adopting a cat from KittyKind (Tini, who was called Archer at KK) that led her to becoming a volunteer. Anya says that fostering is both hard and rewarding. “Having kittens who are so traumatized is difficult to see and having to give them up is even more difficult. But I also found it very rewarding to see their progress at the end and know that they found their forever home.”

Anya has three cats: “Rusty (a little over 2 years old), Tini (2 years old this June), and Lola (kept her name! almost 1 year old). I never had any pets growing up other than a turtle, but my fiancé had a cat growing up so we adopted Rusty as soon as we moved in together. I am actually no longer allowed to foster, according to my fiancé, because I will keep them all.” Tini even helped with her engagement! “My fiancé bought a cat collar with a custom tag that said “Anya, will you marry me?” and put the ring around the cat collar. Tini ran up to me and surprised me with the engagement. It was perfect,­ since our cats are such a huge part of my life.

Thank you, Anya, for everything you do for KittyKind and the cats looking for homes!


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