“Trisha continues proving herself to be the best little housemate anyone could ask for…”


[KK rescued Trisha from Animal Care and Control, where she was slated for euthanasia, given how sick she was.  Malnourished, dehydrated, too sick to even be spayed, Trisha came to KK and was rushed the next day to the ER, spent a few week’s hospitalized and a couple of months fostered.  At the adoption center, volunteers fed her and cleaned her cage with much trepidation, as she was quick to lash out, hiss, and bite.  But, behavior notwithstanding, Trisha caught the eye of one woman who felt that Trisha was “the one.”  And, apparently, the feeling was mutual…]

Trisha continues proving herself to be the best little housemate anyone could ask for, every single day!  When she hears my key in the door, she comes mewing to greet me and enjoys being held.  She goes cuckoo for catnip, which is totally hilarious to watch because I’ve never had a cat who’s responded to it.  Her main concerns in life are catching the laser pointer, hunting one of her three favorite play mice, and snuggling.  She is incredibly affectionate and even when she isn’t asking to be pet, she just likes to be close– she enjoys watching on in the same room while I do household chores or am getting ready to go out.  She can also be adorably bossy  — If I’m not awake first thing in the morning to fill her bowl, she will not hesitate to climb up onto my chest and mew directly into my face to wake up!!!  She does still tear up in one eye, but I picked up a couple of little pet eye-wipes that seem to work so it doesn’t stain her fur.

I’m attaching tons of pictures of her snuggling, playing with one of her toy mice, playing with one of my boots, rolling over, and looking out the window.  It turns out Trish is a total ham for the camera.  I’m also linking you to a little video of her doing one of my favorite things — she likes to sleep at the foot of my bed, but before she goes to sleep, she absolutely has to knead while biting the blankets.  I’m so appreciative of you and KittyKind for doing the work that you do, giving these kitties a chance to be the sweet, loving companions that they are capable of being. Trisha is so unbelievably gentle, sweet, and bright and I couldn’t imagine my home without her.  Enjoy the video and attached pictures!
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