Dodi (aka Jimmy): “I want him to know every time I say his name that he is my beloved.”

Beginning about a year and a half ago, I would come to volunteer as a cleaner at KK, praying that a beautifully black long-haired cat named Jimmy would get adopted.  Well, month after month went by, and he was still there.  I had heard that he was so very shy, and was returned twice to KK.  I tried to pet him in his cage, but  if I looked at him he would cower on the top shelf and turn his head away.  My heart broke for him, but I had 2 cats in a studio and knew a third cat would not work.  As fate had it, one of my cats passed away, and I found out Jimmy was being fostered with Super fosterwoman Amy S.  Long story short, I took Jimmy as foster-with-intent hoping that my 8-year-old cat China would accept him.  It’s been a few months, and the relationship is moving in the right direction.  I renamed Jimmy “Dodi”, which means “beloved” in Hebrew – I want him to know every time I say his name that he is my beloved.  He has tons of energy, loves to play in the apartment and in the hall.  He is absolutely gorgeous, with his black long silky hair.  I discovered he is Angora and Siamese, which explains why his coat is so luxurious and he is so vocal.  He is still shy with strangers, but does warm up after a few days.  I am so happy he is part of my life.
The attached picture is of him on one of his perches.

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