Volunteer of the Month: January 2013

vol kk

Congratulations to Melissa T, our January Volunteer of the Month! Melissa has been with KittyKind since May 2012 as an event coordinator and Facebook Liaison. She also recently fostered her first KittyKind kitty, Betty. She says “I love being a part of the adoption process—whether that means posting information about a cat on Facebook, writing an article about a special-needs cat for Huffington Post, or planning an event.  It means a lot to me to help kitties find their forever homes regardless of the way I’m helping.  Fostering was particularly rewarding. Watching Betty transform from a shy kitten to a confident one was amazing.  It’s an emotional process and was difficult to part with her, but I know she’ll find a great forever home through KittyKind.” Melissa lives with two chatty and cuddly KittyKind alums who she adopted in 2005, named Mama and Chloe. When she’s not volunteering for KittyKind, Melissa is an avid runner. Thank you, Melissa, for everything you do for KittyKind! We all appreciate it!

 *********Winners are chosen at random from all nominees*********



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