Oscar: “…he began charming our socks off.”

We started fostering Oscar in June, never imagining we’d keep him — his FIV+ status made us wary.  But almost immediately, he began charming our socks off.  Oscar is extremely social.  He loves being around people and will snuggle any chance he gets.  He is not shy around new folks and will climb into any lap that comes his way.  He is gentle and silly.  We are thrilled to have finally made it “official” by adopting him.  You’d think Oscar would stop being so charming once he was done “auditioning” but nope, he’s still amazing!!   We love him so much and give him so much attention that it’s embarrassing!  I also really wanted to thank KittyKind:   Reading over his medical forms, I saw at one point that the vet [where he was first brought by the good Samaritan who rescued Oscar] recommended euthanasia after his FIV+ status was discovered.  I’m so grateful that y’all took a chance on this kitty who is bringing us so much amusement and affection.  Hooray for this happy ending!

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