Rescued Hobbes: “He’s a real pleasure.”

Hobbes was found abandoned in a carrier, dirty, smelly and testing positive for Feline Leukemia.  A family came in specifically seeking two things:  1) an FeLV+ cat, as their own rescued cat was himself FeLV+; and 2) a cat who was a love bug, which their own cat, on the shy side, was not.  Hobbes, newly vetted and neutered by KittyKind, was still a bit smelly and scruffy, but when the family’s son opened the cage, Hobbes immediately crawled onto his lap, sat there like he never intended to leave, and started purring.  He found a home …

We are all madly in love with Hobbes.  All us humans at least.  Monkey [resident cat] is still a work in progress, as he is a big chicken who runs away after hissing at Hobbes, but Hobbes takes it in stride.

 Hobbes looks great and has filled out nicely.  He LOVES his food and eats voraciously.

He’s a great snuggler; we were snuggling all last night on the couch.  He hangs out so nicely with our boys and LOVES, LOVES to play.  He is super sweet and is very chatty.  He’s a real pleasure.

Louise & Michael

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