Picchio (aka Li’L Boots): “I just adore my Li’l Boots, and I can’t imagine life without him!”

[NOTE:  Picchio was adopted years ago from KittyKind, and returned 8 years later when the owner felt that he was “acting out” in the home.  Picchio immediately became depressed in the cage, was placed into a foster home, was returned with a case of ringworm, and then was fostered by Erin, a KittyKind volunteer.  The rest is his happy ending …]
When I met Li’l Boots (formerly named Picchio), I was very sure I wouldn’t be adopting a cat. I was newish to the city, just getting settled, and didn’t want the responsibility. I decided to foster cats for KittyKind, so I could get all the snuggles with none of the commitment.

Li’l Boots stayed with me while undergoing ringworm treatment. I remembered cleaning his cage at KittyKind months ago. He was depressed from being caged, and wouldn’t eat, barely moved, didn’t even pee.  But he was a completely different cat in my home: by the second day, he was waiting at the door when I came back from work, curling up with me on the couch and sleeping at my shoulder. He’d headbutt my arm looking for behind-the-ear scratches or roll onto his back for a tummy rub. A sedate gentleman of nine years, he seemed half his age when chasing a toy but was just as happy to sit in my lap and get his chin scratched.

When Li’l Boots had finished his ringworm meds and it was time to bring him back, I knew I couldn’t let him leave. I would miss him too much: the way he demanded my affection with self-assured meows, the way he draped his paws contentedly over my shoulder when I picked him up, and the way he nudged his nose into my hand to make me pet him. So I decided to keep him. I just adore my Li’l Boots, and I can’t imagine life without him!  I’m looking forward to many happy years with my new buddy!



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