Genghis Khan & Clytemnestra (aka Jack&Nessie): “we’re thrilled and honored to be Jack and Nessie’s second (and final) home.”

“No Outfit is Complete Without Cat Hair” is a phrase I wholeheartedly believe in!  Our new Brooklyn condo was distressingly devoid of fur, so I contacted Miriam at KittyKind with an offer to foster a kitty.  Miriam asked if we could foster a pair of cats instead, two very senior cats whose long-time human had passed away, and Miriam was concerned that, given their ages, they’d spend an uncomfortably long time in a cage before being adopted.   We quickly said yes, and readied our home for furry new arrivals.

Patricia Curry

Handsome big-eyed tiger Ghengis Khan and ravishing tortie Clytemnestra immediately made a little ‘nest’ for themselves under our bed, nervously peering out from the dust ruffle whenever we’d peek in.  After a day or so, the intrepid Clytemnestra (renamed ‘Nessie’ – less of a mouthful) braved the unknown apartment, exploring every nook and new smell.  Ghengis (called ‘Jack’, from his initials G.K., get it?), remained in his under-bed refuge for a bit longer until he was good and ready to deign to grace us with his presence.

As weeks passed, these two senior kitties relaxed, settled in beautifully, and allowed their adorable and delightful selves to emerge.  Jack is wonderfully sweet and soft-spoken, loves to snuggle up on your chest, and is the first one to bound into bed at night.   Nessie, equally sweet but also quite sassy, is a total daddy’s girl, following her papa human everywhere and loudly making her presence known with her ‘raaahh!’ of a meow.  She’s quite a talker!

While they’ve made our entire apartment their home, it’s the bed that’s everyone’s favorite place, which makes nighttime sleep a delight and day-time naps way too difficult to resist.  These two sweet furry angels are the best roommates ever – we’re thrilled and honored to be Jack and Nessie’s second (and final) home.

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