Bailey: “I just knew when I looked in those eyes and pet him – he had to come home with me!”

The first time I laid eyes on Bailey, I instantly fell in love.  I already had 3 cats at home, but when I saw him, I knew he needed to be part of our family!  At first he was to be adopted by someone else, but I had my fingers crossed.  I just knew when I looked in those eyes and pet him – he had to come home with me!  Luckily for me, the other adoption fell through and the next thing I knew, Patricia was delivering Bailey to my home!!

Bailey is the most loving cat I’ve ever had.  He loves nothing more than a great cuddle and enjoys being pet, kissed and loved.  When you pick him up he puts his arms around you or lays his head back so you can kiss his neck AND he also loves the top of his head kissed.  When I do this, he purrs so LOUDLY.  Have I mentioned he has the LOUDEST purr of any cat I’ve ever encountered??  I love it. He has settled in with his 3 brothers – it’s been a process because Bailey has SO much energy and is extremely rambunctious, slowly but surely, Uggie, Gyro & Macey have all come to like (not quite love yet) Bailey as well.

I live in a three floor house and Bailey has a bed on each floor!  He loves to sleep in baskets filled with blankets and also in this small little cat house we have.  It’s actually a bit too small for Bailey (he doesn’t know his own size!), but it’s sweet to see his belly poke out of the side.  He also loves sitting in the front window and watch the bird family that lives in a bush next door.  He can sit there for hours with his tail thumping, wishing he could get his hands on those pesky birds!  I’ve also recently noticed when I have music playing, Bailey likes to lay by my side and purr.   Bailey is also fascinated with all things feathers and gets so excited when we play with a feather wand!

I honestly cannot manage, nor can my family imagine our lives without our “Bailey Boy”.  We love him so much!!


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