Volunteer of the Month: October 2012

Congratulations to Kristin S., our October 2012 Volunteer of the Month. Kristin has been with KittyKind just a little over a year. She says that after she adopted her cats from a shelter, she decided to look into volunteering. Her favorite part of volunteering is, “the cats. D’uh. 😉 Once cleaning is done, I like to spend the rest of the night collecting payment for my hard work in cuddles. I like to sit with the shy ones when I can.” Kristen has two cats of her own, Roo and Munk. She says, “Roo is the one in the picture, she’s my acrobat. Munk is a fussy little brat who you can’t touch until she decides she’s in the mood, but we love he anyhow.” Kristen adds “All my previous cats were strays right off the street, but apparently the neighborhood kitties didn’t get the memo that there were vacancies to be filled.” Besides having a wicked sense of humor, Kristen is an art student. She says, “Sometimes I draw cats, cos why the heck not.” Thank you, Kristen, for all your hard work!

Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.


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