“Tommy just walked onto my chest and stayed there. Tommy adopted me!”

Tommy and I first met on May 15th.  It was through a series of circumstances that I decided to visit Petco Union Square that evening in search of a companion for my cat Fran who lost her sister of 15 years in April.  I was interested at a cat next to Tommy’s cage, but when Patricia opened the cage door, the cat had no interest in me.  Patricia asked if I would be interested in Tommy.  What happened next was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  Patricia opened the cage door and Tommy just walked onto my chest and stayed there.  Tommy adopted me!
I had dinner plans in the Union Square area on the following evening.  So, I decided to stop by and see if Tommy still thinks the same of me.  Sure enough, when a volunteer opened the cage door, Tommy walked right on to my chest and stayed there until I had to go to dinner.
Tommy has been home now for a month.  Everyone that has met him just adores him.  Fran my senior cat of 15 years old still have reservations about Tommy.  However, both will sit side by side when it is feeding time.  On a few occasions, they will share the couch with me in the middle.  Tommy loves the windows where he can see the back yard.  When not looking at the scenery, he just lay back and take a snooze.  See photo attached.
Thank you all for rescuing Tommy.  Please keep up the good work that all of you do.

One Response to ““Tommy just walked onto my chest and stayed there. Tommy adopted me!””

  1. Todd Rutt Says:

    Tommy is a neat guy, rescued from the street and in rough shape when he first came to KittyKind but with a really sweet disposition. I remember cleaning his dirty ears and how great he looked when he finally got a bath! Nice to see him settled down.

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