Ruby (aka Corrie) is one “delightful” and “independent” kitty….

Ruby (formerly Corrie) is wonderful — she’s a delightful little cat, very sweet and loving, yet really independent. She’s really happy when I come home, but sleeps on her own. She has one specific spot on my living room floor where she likes to sit when I’m sitting on the couch–just to the left of my feet.
Her favorite toys are the laser pointer and her little stuffed mouse, and she loves to sit in one particular window in my living room so she can see the birds in the back garden. She’s also unusual in that she doesn’t seem to like being up high. I’ve known cats who loved climbing to the highest point in the room, but she’s the exact opposite. She barely even gets up on the couch, and I’ve never seen her show even the slightest curiosity about anything above waist level.
I finally found a scratcher she likes–those cardboard pads. She not only loves scratching it, she likes to sit on it. I’ve got it in a spot in my hallway that’s sort of central in the apartment, and she can often be found hanging out on her little cardboard launch pad.
Her health seems perfect–she loves her Wellness wet food, and she occasionally gets some of their dry food as well, alongside extra water. I put that down if I know I won’t be home in time to give her her dinner at 7. Her digestion seems perfect, and her skin and coat look great. She also lets me trim her claws with little fuss, although it usually takes two or three sessions to get all four feet done before she loses patience.
I’m attaching two photos, one of her on my bed, and one where she’s in the kitchen, waiting to be fed her dinner.
Thank you again for taking care of her and allowing me to adopt her. She’s delightful and I think she’s as happy as I am.



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