Rainbow and Zoro (aka Eames & Jobs) have amazing personalities and “rarely apart” from one another!

Zoro and Dandelion are great!  We adore them, and they love each other.  They have acquired new names.  ‘Zoro’ never stops (or shuts up! He’s the most vocal cat I’ve ever met—Of course I talk right back to him.) He wears his heart on his sleeve, follows us around, wants to play all the time, and is fascinated by gadgets. He plays with the cursor on the laptop screen, the icons on the iPhone and a special game for cats on the iPad. We have about 12 apple mac devices in our house, so he has been renamed “Jobs” (as in Steve Jobs).

‘Rainbow’ is a bit more inscrutable. She knows what she likes. She’s quite fearless (more so than Jobs) but doesn’t want to be cuddled. She’d rather play on her own or with Jobs than with me–silly humans are a bit beneath her!!  She has grown a lot but still has the beautiful petite face, very trim and graceful form, and lovely soulful eyes. She is our precious girl. Her all-time favorite place to perch is on the ottoman of our Eames Lounge chair set, which is a perfect match for her calico colors. So she is called “Eames” (or more often, Eamie.)

They are very rarely apart — most often sitting a few feet apart. If one moves rooms, the other follows. They groom each other a lot too, which often turns into a competition and then fluffy brawl. Their ‘fighting’ is very playful, lots of ambushing and chasing—I’ve never seen either of them growl or hiss or puff up a tail or flatten ears, so I think they are very at ease with each other.

Eames loves her cat grass so we keep a constant supply of it — otherwise the houseplants get a haircut! (Don’t worry, we’ve checked to make sure none are toxic). Jobsy is a treat fiend. We use tiny kibbles of dry food as treats and give them one or two at a time and for him it is like crack! They get wet food the rest of the time.

You may remember, Jobs had an orange worm toy in his cage, which his foster mom gave him and which he loved, but it had gone missing by the time we picked him up. Well we found an identical one and he adores it. He treats it like a teddy: it gets brought into our room and dropped on our bed in the morning, and carried around in his mouth. He loves to play fetch with it — if we throw it across the apartment he’ll go pelting after it, bring it back and drop it right into your hand. It’s great party trick! You’ll see it show up in the album of photos we’ve put together. There is also a video here of the two of them grooming each other. The album is posted on Flickr, a photo-sharing site, and should be open to viewing by anyone you send the link to.


We could not be happier to have them in our home. And we hope (as most of our friends seem to remark) that they have landed on their paws.

I hope kitten season has gone smoothly and brought plenty of new little joys into the lives of the Kitty Kind volunteers and adoptive families alike. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend and a great summer,

Kate & Johnny


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