Panda “is a little ball of energy and playful…”

When I got Panda, he was the fourth cat that I fostered through KittyKind. The day I went into Petco to pick up a new foster, the cat I was supposed to take home was adopted right as I got there. I was presented with the option of taking a kitten who was desperate for a foster home because he had tested positive for FeLV and could not stay in the cages because of the health risks it posed to him. I was hesitant, and unsure of what FeLV entailed, and ultimately scared of falling in love with a sick kitten. Panda was a little nugget of a kitten, so tiny and cute that when I saw him, I couldn’t say no to him. I was always interested in long term fosters, and was fine with keeping Panda until he could be adopted into a permanent home. Little did I know that I would fall in love with him, but with that also came so much confusion and stress about being able to keep a cat FeLV+ cat when my living situation as a student was up in air (going home to my parents’ home with our cat there, having roommates, etc). Reading about FeLV+ cats and kittens as well as talking with Miriam and Dawn at KittyKind made me realize that Panda, like any other cat, would be able to live a happy and healthy life for as long as his life may be. When I took Panda into my home, he became no different than any other cat that I had previously taken in, I promised to give him the happiest life I possibly could and that is what I plan to continue to do as long as Panda is in my life. Panda is the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever had, and although it took me a whole YEAR to make it finally official, Panda is all mine. He is a little ball of energy and a playful, funny and very affectionate guy. I am so happy that he is in my life and that I can give him the forever home he deserves!



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