Lovey: “We’re totally in love with her”


Lovey’s new name is–drum roll please–Benji! (Yes, a girl Benji: When I traveled through Europe many years ago, I met a French girl named Benji, and I thought that was pretty neat. I also wanted a “B” name in memory of Brady.) With Baby Mason, though, we call her Gigi because we think that will be easier for him to say–and we’re sure he’ll be saying it a lot since the two of them are best friends! She likes to sit next to him while he plays (and on the tub ledge at bath time), occasionally even sharing his toys. And the feeling is mutual: Mason’s new thing is crawling over to her when she’s lying down… and resting his head on her belly for a little snooze–two photos of this attached. It’s so heartwarming! And, speaking of Benji’s BFFs, here’s a video of her and Gray giving each other a bath: CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM BATHE! 🙂 (don’t be frightened by the horror movie noises at the beginning; it’s just Mason). Since we adopted Gray to keep Brady company, only to have Brady essentially reject Gray, I can’t begin to express how happy it makes me that Gray and Benji seem to have bonded. And, of course, then there’s me and Jeff: Benji sleeps next to me every night and gives Jeff kisses all the time. We’re totally in love with her, and I still find it amazing how quickly she’s become such an integral member of our family.



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