Craig “is by far one of the smartest and sweetest cats I’ve ever known…”

After going to the Kitty Kind adoption center in Petco at Union Square many times, there was a cat that always caught my attention. In one of the upper cages there was this big cat named Craig, and on his description read: “Mystery Cat”. How can anyone resist such a title?! They were looking for a foster home (and hopefully a definitive one) that would give them a better idea about this cat that was literally abandoned in a carrier without any kind of information about him.  So my boyfriend and I took the risk and fostered him, hoping to help out and help solve the “mystery”.  Craig turned out to be an amazing cat.  He was house broken and immediately used his litter box, he wandered around and lay down very comfortably soon after.  Later we learned a vet estimated he was around 2 years old, so he LOVES to play with everything! And it’s really fun to watch.  Plus, he turned out to be very sociable, seeking love and attention from every person coming to the house, and he is great with kids. He loves his cat food and doesn’t eat too much, plus he is not interested at all in people food so he couldn’t care less about what we eat and even less about stealing something from the counter.  He loves his toys and doesn’t destroy furniture.  Houdini, his actual name (because he appears when you least expect it), is by far one of the smartest and sweetest cats I’ve ever known and I can’t imagine life without him now.


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