Carmen: “She is sweet and very calm, also she is extremely expressive…”

Although Carmen is a cat full of personality and with very unusual markings, many people turned away from adopting her because she is FIV+.  But, all it took was someone who was willing to do their research on FIV, and take Carmen home on a “foster” trial basis, and then she was just like any other cat who steals your heart and becomes a permanent member of the family ….

Carmen (now Luna) is doing very very well (except for the fact that she cannot lose weight and has an obsession with food …). She wakes us up everyday 6am to feed her!  She snores a lot and has finally chosen the head of the bed as her sleeping area!  Ha-ha!  We find it very cute how she even catches herself getting so good at the “hunt game” jumping, rolling and slapping and getting scared of her own survival “kit” (she stops, like saying:”Wow! I just did that?”, then runs away!). She is sweet and very calm, also she is extremely expressive and God she has a temper!  Luna is very specific on where she wants to be petted and let’s you know right away when something is wrong (just with a threatening look).

We are very grateful that she is now our family! Here are some pictures, I hope you and the rescuer enjoy!


Pearl & Jeff

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