The sweet and playful Cookie (AKA Ziggy) “is a truly wonderful girl.”

How did we ever get along without Cookie (now Ziggy)?  Although still a little shy (but adorably so!), she is a truly wonderful girl.  As sweet and playful as she seemed when we first met her that day in her cage, with a hilariously high-pitched mew she’s only recently started showing off, Ziggy is a treasure.  She’s best friends with Chloe and their friendship has been a terrific joy to behold.  The two play together all day, and yesterday we caught them grooming each other and snuggling.  Watching them wrestle, cuddle, and groom has given us endless entertainment–not to mention peace of mind that Chloe has a friend when we’re away from home.  She’s made all of us so happy — especially Chloe, by the looks of it — and Dan and I can’t thank you enough for saving her life so that she could become such an important part of ours.

We’re so happy to have her, and so grateful to everyone who brought her to us.

Thanks again for your hard work!

 Rachel & Daniel

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