Jay Jay: “He is a wonderful addition to our family…”

Jay Jay is doing great! He is a wonderful addition to our family, and as for Winston, he was hesitant on the first day – not being the center of attention anymore. But by day two you would never have guessed it, they are now best friends! Which is exactly what we were hoping for for him. Jay Jay has transformed Winston in such a youthful way! My husband and I couldn’t believe how much of a difference Jay Jay’s presence makes to Winston. Winston is a 7 year old cat who has transformed into a kitten again! He has so much more energy and playfulness now. He has even trimmed down on his weight, too! The two run around wrestling and chasing one another like brothers, it’s truly a great sight. My husband and I couldn’t be any happier with the pairing. Jay Jay follows Winston around making sure he gets his exercise. The two keeps us on our toes for sure!

We have relocated to sunny California! My husband and I drove cross country from NYC to San Diego with Jay Jay and Winston. We had been told Jay Jay loves traveling … but we were worried for Winston, because he hates to travel.  But to our surprise with Jay Jay in the car, he was the calmest we ever saw! He didn’t make a peep.  (When we got here we took Winston for a check up and we left Jay Jay at home – the howling in the car was apparent immediately. When we took him back two weeks later for his follow up, we brought Jay Jay along, and as we thought not a peep!)

Jay Jay took to the cross country trip immediately. And he seems to be enjoying southern California just as much as we are. They have more room to run and play, and definitely more sun bathing time!

Thanks again for all your help and the great work you and your volunteers do! We Love Jay Jay and so does Winston!



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