Volunteer of the Month: February 2012

Congratulations to Anna P, our February Volunteer of the Month!! Anna works hard every Friday morning on the cleaning shift, and has only been doing so for about 6 months. Anna adopted 2 cats from KittyKind in 2009, ever since she had always made a point to go and visit the other cats when she could, it was then she finally decided to volunteer so she would have an excuse to visit all the time. Anna loves volunteering, she also volunteers at St. Luke’s Roosevelt. She feels needed and really appreciated at KK and adds: “Every week I have a chance to make these cats’ lives better; I have always felt grateful to the volunteers who provided my cats with love and care whilst they were there”. When Anna can make a grumpy cat feel better, it makes her day. She loves the Friday morning crew and always looks forward to volunteering each week, “everyone is always so cheerful”. Her 2 cats she adds are “awesome”, and really prove that a cat’s behaviour in the cage is not necessarily how they will act once adopted into a home. Thank you Anna for all your hard work, you are a great member of the team!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

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